When I was feeling a little demotivated last week my friend Jamie told me that whenever he needs to get proactive he looks at pictures of Mary Portas and finds that helps him. So I did and it worked.

These images of such a dynamic and inspirational person soon got me out of my mini slump.

They conjured up a vision of Mary hands on hips, ten huge bangles on each arm, sleeves rolled up, towering over me in a high heeled shoe boot, telling me to get with the program.

During my frantic search for Portas pics I discovered that Mary has now developed an exciting series of retail masterclasses aimed at owners of small independent shops (like Maiden). Developed in conjunction with Skillsmart Retail the Mary Portas Guide to Successful Retailing will give a unique insight into improving independent retail businesses and includes Mary’s advice on essential elements like visual merchandising, marketing, buying, finance and the all-important vision for the store.

Basically I think Mary Portas should be running the country.

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