We've just received a delivery of some of our favourite and most beautiful mugs at Maiden! What's even better is that they were all made entirely in England! We do try to source as many products made here in the UK as possible and we think these mugs are excellent. The quality and finish are amazing!

The company behind these mugs is Big Tomato. Launched in 1999 with one product and one goal... to see a squirty tomato on every kitchen table in the UK. They have now sold over 500,000. To follow such an iconic product Big Tomato ventured into ceramics and soon discovered their mugs were just as popular as their tomatoes!

Most importantly Big Tomato is dedicated to the quality and long-established methods of manufacturing in the UK, following in the footsteps of the Staffordshire potteries that made English ceramics famous the world over. In 2099 Big Tomato opened their own factory in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries; Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.

By a curious coincidence the beautiful red headed mug "cherry" is set to make her screen debut sitting atop the desk of none other than Mary Portas on tomorrow's (29/3/2012) episode of Mary's fab show MARY'S BOTTOM LINE. The great thing about this is that Mary's show is all about encouraging the UK manufacturing industry! It's great to see that Mary practises what she preaches and even drinks from a totally UK manufactured mug!!

Here is a selection from our Big Tomato range! All these mugs can be purchased online from www.maidenshop.com or from our shop on Shoreditch High Street London.

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London E1 6HU

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To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee MAIDEN asked London based illustrator Luke James
to create and produce this glorious set of tea towels!

Luke's stunning designs for these tea towels make a playful nod towards the fact that 2012 is not only the year of the Diamond Jubilee but also the year of the London Olympics! The Queen is variously depicted on a podium, in a photo finish at the end of a race and in a medal.

The Tea Towels are a limited edition of 100 per design and are printed on 100% cotton.

Each tea towel will sell for £16.50 or £40 for the set of three.

The measurements are 45cm x 72cm.

Queen Elizabeth II is currently the second longest reigning English monarch. In another 3 years she could become the longest reigning monarch by surpassing Queen Victoria's record.

The last time a Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in Britain was Queen Victoria's in 1897 and the last Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the World took place in 2006 when Thailand celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the accession of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The Tea Towels are currently on sale at MAIDEN, 188 Shoreditch High Street and will shortly be available to buy online exclusively at CULTURELABEL



We've never been shy about the fact that we love the Royal Family; so it will come as no great surprise that Maiden on Shoreditch High Street will be leading the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London this June with a fantastic range of products which celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her sixty glorious years as our Queen!

Following on from our successful Royal Wedding events last year entitled MY BIG FAT ROYAL WEDDING we've roped in some of our favourite designers and suppliers to put together a merchandise range fit for a Queen!

The products we're most proud of are this wonderful set of three tea towels designed by Luke James (he designed our ROYAL RUMBLE tea towel last year!). These tea towels are exclusive to Maiden!

Luke's stunning designs make a playful nod towards the fact that 2012 is not only the year of the Diamond Jubilee but also the year of the London Olympics. Therefore they are not only the best Diamond Jubilee souvenir available but also a really cool souvenir of the London Olympics too!

In this design the Queen is depicted in a photo finish at the end of a "race" behind Queen Victoria (reigned for 63 years) and ahead of King George III (he reigned for 59 years).

In this second design the Queen is depicted as the silver medallist on the podium with Queen Victoria as the gold medallist and King George III as the bronze medallist.

In this third and final design the Queen is depicted within a medal because "SHE DESERVES A MEDAL" for her 60 fantastic years as our Queen!

The tea towels will be on sale at Maiden from 19th March 2012 and for sale online exclusively at CULTURELABEL.COM

The Tea Towels are a limited edition of 100 per design and are printed on 100% cotton. The measurements are 45cm x 72cm and each towel has been screen printed by hand in London during March 2012.

Each Tea Towel is £16 or the entire set of three is just £40!

We also have some other tremendous Diamond Jubilee souvenir merchandise on sale too!

The ever popular solar queen has been given a Diamond Jubilee makeover and is now sporting some added BLING! The solar panel on this cute little figure's handbag means that she waves (in that inimitable royal fashion) when placed in the sun!

buy the solar queen online here
We also have this mug fit for a Queen!

The gorgeous, colourful design by Sarah Cole on this fabulous bone china mug features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in two of her most distinguished guises from her 60 year reign. This bone china mug also displays some interesting facts and figures about Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse. The mugs are hand decorated in England.
buy this beautiful Diamond Jubilee souvenir mug online here

As if that wasn't enough we've also been indulging our passion for vintage royal memorabilia by pulling together a simply amazing collection of royal souvenirs from decades past. We've got mugs, tins, tea towels, rugs, cups and saucer and all manner of other items from the Coronation, the Silver Jubilee and Royal Weddings all available to buy at our newly launched online shop MAIDEN MEMENTO

We've only just launched MAIDEN MEMENTO but we have high ambitions for our new baby! We want MAIDEN MEMENTO to become the best place online to buy royal memorabila and sounvenirs at a fair price and in great condition. Prices start as low as £10 for a mug!

We'll be adding new and fabulous vintage royal pieces to the shop over the coming weeks! So do keep checking back! In the mean time here are some photos of all the delightful royal souvenirs we have available

A revolving selection of vintage royal memorabilia is also on sale at Maiden 188 Shoreditch High Street too!




Mothering Sunday falls on the 18th March this year! That means we've all got just over a week to find fabulous cards and wonderful mother's day gifts! Look no further than Maiden at 188 Shoreditch High Street!

You can order online at www.maidenshop.com and as long as your order is placed by 11pm on Wednesday 14th March you will get it in time for Mother's Day!!

We've got some brilliant Mother's Day cards too!