Yes, before you know it Valentine's Day 2013 will be upon us and we'll all be searching for the perfect gifts for our respective loved ones. Well, we have a fantastic selection of cute and wonderful Valentine's gifts here at Maiden on Shoreditch High Street in London. You can also buy all these lovely items online from our website WWW.MAIDENSHOP.COM

Take a look a just some of the charming products we have selected for you. We're sure they will all make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts!

 This wonderful necklace is made from gold-plated, enamelled metal on a gold-coloured chain.
The diameter of the ring is 4cm and the swimmer is 11cm long. The total length of the chain (plus ring and swimmer) is 55cm approx.

 This stunning necklace is made from gold-plated, enamelled metal on a gold-coloured chain. It depicts two circus gymnasts in flight. Each Gymnast measures approximately 11cm toe to toe.

 The perfect poolside fashion statement! This stunning silk scarf features a wonderful aquatic design of ladies swimming and diving.

A fabulous silk scarf! This gorgeous silk scarf features a striking design of long distance runners streaming through a mythical forest landscape. Trees, foxes and pair of swans also feature as part of the designs.

It's time to "eggspress" how you feel ... with an EGG!
This cute heart shaped mould turns a standard boiled egg into a heart shaped egg in minutes! Just follow the simple instructions! Eggspress is dishwasher safe too! We just love this wonderful product!

The hottest Colouring in book of all time!
This fantastically fun colouring in book from I LOVE MEL is dedicated to Hollywood's hunk du jour Ryan Gosling! There are 15 pages of Ryan for you to get busy with!

Make all your dreams come true with this delightful notebook!
This notebook is perfect for those of us with our heads in the clouds. It's printed on 100% recycled paper and has a different cloud on every page.

These items are just a taster of what we have for sale at Maiden! So do pop into the shop at 188 Shoreditch High Street for a jolly good browse or go to our website WWW.MAIDENSHOP.COM 

We also have the best selection of Valentine's Day cards in Shoreditch (or in the whole of Hackney or London even!). 

Lots of Love to you all!


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