Yes, it's almost that time of the year again: VALENTINES DAY!!!

Here at Maiden on Shoreditch High Street we have a wonderful range of cool Valentines Day cards and gift which are sure to guarantee you at least a peck of cheek (and possibly a whole lot more!) if given to your loved one this February 14th.

How about this pack of three "rubber johnny erasers" as a cheeky gift?! a "safe" bet we think!

Or perhaps you could make your Valentine their very own romantic mixtape? This USB mixtape is perfect!

Swans mate for life, so maybe drop him or her a hint with this gorgeous ceramic egg cup?!

Perhaps this lovely pink retro style alarm clock will help her get out of bed in the morning and make you breakfast?!

Or maybe this green retro alarm clock will help HIM get out of bed and toddle off to Columbia Road and pick you up lovely bouquet of flowers?!

What could be a sweeter Valentine's Day gift for your nicotine addicted sweetheart than this doughnut ashtray?! SMOKIN!!!!!!!

Who knew a tea towel could be this sexy?!

Or how about this cute set of love heart stamps?! If you don't get these on Feb 14th then stamp your foot!


So pop in to Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street and check out our fabulous Valentines Day gifts and cards or simply browse online by visiting our online shop


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