At MAIDEN we're continuing on our quest to bring you the very best and newest design products out there. As always all our products are cherry picked from the millions of things out there that we could have on our shelves. Only the most excellent make the cut! The products we sell need to be fun, affordable, well made and encourage creativity.

So with all that said we literally leaped out of our seats with joy when we got wind of this utterly divine wallpaper designed by the one and only Jon Burgerman. Burgerman's signature friendly monsters are jam packed together on the wallpaper and as if that wasn't enough YOU CAN ACTUALLY COLOUR IN THE WALLPAPER YOURSELF!! How good is that?!

The wallpaper is £36 per roll and is available to buy from our online shop WWW.MAIDENSHOP.COM or instore at 188 Shoreditch High Street.

We really on a roll with this one aren't we?!

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