The Shoreditch Design Triangle is one of the many local hubs around London which form part of the London Design Festival 2011 (15-25 September 2011). Over 30 shops, galleries and spaces in Shoreditch are participating in this exciting event which will showcase the strength and diversity of the Shoreditch design community.

On Tuesday 20th September most Shoreditch locations will be staying open late and hosting an array of special launches, parties and workshops. All the
venues are within easy walking distance around the Shoreditch Triangle
so head East and make a night of it.

At MAIDEN we are proud to present a series of six brand new and exclusive light switch stickers designed by Henrietta Swift. We've stocked Henrietta's light switch stickers since MAIDEN opened in 2009; customers have always been delighted by the way such a simple and well executed idea completely brings the ordinarily dull light switch to life.

The Light Up Your Mood stickers are normally available in either Boys, Girls or Animal packs (You can buy them on our online shop or in store at MAIDEN) , but for London Design Week Henrietta has literally gone "wild" and created a special series of endangered species sticker sets. Now you can turn to light switches into a giant panda, a Red Eyed Tree-Frog or even a Siberian Tiger! There is also an African Elephant, a Green Cheeked Parrot and an Amur Leopard! Why not buy the entire series and turn your home into a veritable safari park/paradise!

Each pack will contain the sticker kit to make one of the following animals...
(Each sticker pack will cost £4)

Red Eyed Tree-Frog

Green Cheeked Parrot

Siberian Tiger

Amur Leopard

Giant Panda

African Elephant

Alongside the limited edition endangered species stickers we will also be displaying all of the faces that can be made from the standard sticker packs.

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