We've stocked these genius record frames at MAIDEN for a while now but we decided to do a HUGE display of them on our wall so that we can show off the full potential of the product.

Sourcing the albums featured in our display was really good fun and it certainly brought back many memories. The 12 inch album format was the perfect canvas for photographers and art directors to show off their skills. Ofcourse we had to include the obvious classic covers like Aladdin Sane and Island Life, but our personal favourite is Atlantic Crossing, with Rod Stewart striding confidently accross the ocean in his pink flares and platform shoes!

The Twelve Inch record frame is a simple and visually effective way to display vinyl covers. At £7.50 per frame it is also a lot less expensive than some of the other record frames on the market.

The four grooved batons which make up the sides of the frame have strong magnets in each end, the frame just snaps into place around the record; it really is terribly easy!

Check out our pictures of these wonderful frames in "action"

Available at Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street or online from WWW.MAIDENSHOP.COM

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